Contractors Flooring Outlet is a Flooring Sales and Installation Company!

Since its establishment in 1998, Contractors Flooring Outlet offers a very wide range of Hardwood Flooring, Carpet & Tile services in SW Florida. In fact, we have one of the largest selections in SW Florida.

Whether your Flooring is for your home, office, RV or commercial space, Contractors Flooring Outlet will be of service for you! Our showroom offers hundreds and hundreds of flooring products, thus giving you the opportunity to pick the something that best suits your taste from well-known brands such as Shaw.

Our sales and service consultants are always ready to discuss about the kind of product you need for your specific project and give you their years of experience. Our company also deploys a team of expert installers for every project site.

With these things in mind, you will have that peace of mind knowing that only expert hands and minds work to help you realize your project.

All products installed by Florida Floors have our Installation Warranty.

Do It Yourself vs Our Professional Installation



1. Most of our products have either, tongue and groove or click systems, of which there are, at last count, 7 types. These can require a level of expertise that have long learning curves. Edges often break and thus have not enough material to form a tight bond.

2. APPEARANCE: The layout of the floor is important to the overall installation. How to layout the floor properly so that the end product has a fantastic visual aspect is part of the training process. Knowing how the products “lays” is also important. Many products have quirks that a professional installer takes into consideration when laying out the floor. Measurements make a difference also. Many installers make the mistake of mis-measuring the floor only to run short or, worse, having a tiny piece short at the doorway or finishing wall.

3. WE MEASURE: When you or your guy measures, does he measure correctly? If you have to reorder one box,
there is a freight charge, dye lot problem and time wasted.

4. SUBFLOORS: (See our separate piece on subfloors). This is where a professional installer shines.
If there is any problem whatsoever, you need a PRO to handle it.

5. VAPOR BARRIERS: When and where and what type of vapor barrier is extremely important to the final installation and use of the floor. Some manufacturers require a vapor barrier of a particular type and some refuse to warranty their product IF you use one in some circumstances. A PRO will give you the right instruction and correct installation.

6. Do you need a pad or not? What kind of pad? What decibel rating? Mold Resistant? Moisture proof? Or only sound resistant?

7. You’ve installed the floor, you stand back and see that there’s a problem plank in the middle of the floor.
You now have to uninstall ½ the floor to repair.


• See our Installation Warranty on all our PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED products.

• SOME MANUFACTURERS DO NOT COVER UNPROFESSINALLY INSTALLATIONS. Here is how that works. The very first thing the Manufacturer’s inspector asks, “Who installed this?” The question answers all the details. The very first answer even we get is that the installation was improper in some way. WE then have to fight with the manufacturer. Who do you think is in a better position to win, Florida Floors or you (or your handyman)?


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